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Sam Moore




ERIK DALTON, president
Originally from Scarsdale, New York, Erik has lived in Telluride since 2003. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and owns and operates the Jagged Edge outdoor retail store on main street in Telluride. Erik has also coached kids in the Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club for the past 10 years.



Steve’s best memories from growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, include exploring the beautiful Boundary Waters Wilderness Area of the Minnesota-Canada border with his father. He also attended Outward Bound there as an 18 year old, and so began his love affair with the natural world. He sees the San Juan Mountains as a spiritual sanctuary and one of Mother Earth’s most special places. His passion for these mountains manifested a long-term dream of living here when he and his wife moved to Telluride full time in 2006.

In late 2012, Steve retired from Maxwell Technologies, Inc., an aerospace company that produces subsystems and components for the satellite-space industry, where he was a new business development manager. Currently, he is also a board member on Telluride’s Open Space Commission and Telluride’s Ethic’s Commission, as well as president and bookkeeper of the Double Diamond Condominium HOA.


For Linda, Sheep Mountain Alliance is the perfect blend of grass-roots involvement and stewardship of the region. Along with her husband, she joined the initial group to fight the logging of Sheep Mountain, the single-issue campaign that evolved into the current organization.

She and her husband served as agro-forestry specialists in Peace Corps, Guatemala and Argentina. Working with a Chorti women’s co-op in the campo of Guatemala sharpened Linda’s understanding of the relationship between social justice and the environment. Upon return, she took a graduate degree in environment and community at Antioch University in Seattle. Her first career was in human services, and she practiced in a clinical setting in Fort Collins before following her husband to Telluride, where she became director of county social services. Her proudest achievement as a member of SMA has been the role the group played in preserving the Valley Floor as the public gateway to this community.


Sam grew up in central Illinois and attended college at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas, where he played on the tennis team and primarily studied science and Bible. After college, he traveled the world playing tennis professionally for eight years before settling in Telluride in 1990 and working as a tennis instructor.

In 1993, he began studying Native American shamanism and started working internationally as a shamanic teacher and healer in the late ’90s. He wrote a book, Feathers of Fire, in 2001 about shamanic philosophies.
Sam is also a certified Pilates instructor and currently teaches at the Telluride Pilates Center.

When Sam was asked to become a board member of Sheep Mountain Alliance in 2010, he viewed it as an opportunity to extend his focus from health and fitness to the environment and serve the community of the place he calls home.


Corinne landed in Telluride in 1987 with a plan to ski bum for a year and then move on. Twenty-some-odd years later she still lives and works from her home in nearby Ophir. Corinne joined the board of SMA in 2002, inspired in large part by the Valley Floor campaign and SMA’s efforts to preserve it. After six years, she left the board to attend to her baby daughter and publish her first book, Voices of the American West, which won the 2010 Colorado Book Award for nonfiction. The book is a series of portraits of people working on solutions to many of the pressing issues of today’s American West.

While her writing spans myriad topics, her passion lies in environmental issues. Most recently, her work has been published in the Patagonia catalog and has touched on such topics as global warming, organic agriculture, fracking and the tar sands pipelines. She is happy to be back on the board of SMA and hopes that Telluride will continue to support—and even increase—its environmental and conservation efforts.


Beverly is the founding partner of the Center for Nature and Leadership, which designs and delivers innovative leadership programming for individuals and organizations using the laws of nature, ecopsychology and traditional leadership development. She cares deeply about creating new responses to stewardship of self, organization and place that result in shifts of awareness and action.

She helped create the Sustainable Business Network of Washington D.C., was a member of the Corporate Development Task Force of the Cleveland World Trade Center and is a founding member of the Daughters of Toleza Scholarship Program, which supports the education of adolescent girls in Malawi, Africa.

She came to Telluride 10 years ago as a part-time resident and is psyched to now call Telluride her full-time home. Being on the Board of Sheep Mountain is one way she gives back to the land that called her home.

Michael moved to Telluride from Manhattan over three decades ago and has been closely linked with the Telluride community every since. He is the former chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission, was involved in the preservation of the Valley Floor and owns the Ice House Lodge and Camel’s Garden Hotel.

He and his wife both enjoy traveling and are great supporters of the arts. With a degree in law, Michael brings to the board of Sheep Mountain Alliance a strong and insightful environmental voice.


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