SMA members on a forest health tour with the United States Forest Service

We believe that two of the most important environmental issues of the day are to 1) instill a conservation ethic in the next generation and 2) increase access and diversity of public land users. Inspiring a new generation of youth who are passionated and engaged in protecting natural spaces, is key to creating global change. That being said, there is a lack of diversity of voices and users of public lands, due to many factors such as socioeconomic status, time, and feeling comfortable in outdoor communities and spaces.

Our goal is to inspire stewardship, environmental science exploration and place-based connections to the land in the future generations of activists, decision makers and general public. We are also working on increasing diversity of participants involved in our activities, through a new Latinx Outdoor Engagement program.

We are pleased to be working with the AP Environmental Sciences Program at the Telluride High School to bring the River Watch Program back to the San Miguel River Watershed. River Watch is a water data collection program designed to bring field science opportunities into Colorado classrooms and make available water quality data to assist ensuring the health of our rivers.

SMA is working to bring the classrooms in our watershed together to monitor the full length of the river. In addition, we are raising funds for an environmental scholarship for a student who intends to pursue environmental education. Please contact SMA for more information.

Our Latinx Outdoor Engagement program funds bi-monthly events targeted at the immigrant and Latinx community in Telluride and the San Juan/San Miguel regions. In partnership with Ti-county Health Network, San Miguel Resource Center and the Wilkinson Public Library, we are developing a serious of outdoor exploration events and bilingual youth environmental programs. This events seek to get entire families outside, build skills needed to feel comfortable using all types of public lands, and increase the representation of diverse voices for public lands use and protection.

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